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Daily LinksBookmarks for March 4th through March 5th


GalleriesRandom Bermuda Pictures

Some random pictures from my Time in Bermuda (more to test the photogallery function than anything else)


GalleriesIn Bermuda for Work

I’m three weeks into a 10-12 week engagement in Bermuda – Though I’ve only been able to get to the beach 3 times, I thought I would post some of the pictures from those outings to keep my hopes of getting out of the office more often.


While here, I’ve been working in Banking, and have managed to read “Memoirs of a Geisha” on the plane back.

Me on the beach


Read on for more…



GalleriesLas Vegas Pictures

paris hotel

Thanks to Andrew, who hooked us up greatly (he’s the king of the Comp) – I’ve got some new Vegas pictures up in the Photo Gallery.

We were only there for three days, but some astute planning meant that we were able to see alot. In addition to walking the strip, doing some gambling, and watching shows, we were able to get some really good eating in.

If I had to rank the appeal of different attractions it would be as follows:

  1. Shows – We saw three of them, more on this below (some in the group saw different shows)
    • Mystere – A Cirque du Soleil show. It was the first Cirque show I’ve seen, and I found it very entertaining. The music was great, and the acrobatic performances almost beyond belief – The perfomance seemed to be a fusion of Olympic gymnastics put to an artistic background. The show develops a sense of mystique you don’t get from film or theatre- the abilities of the performers are beyond human expecations. I’d recommend the show to anybody.
    • Wayne Brady – This guy is quick. If you’ve seen “who’s line is it anyways”, or the Chappelle show (as a guest), you might know who he is. He’s able to perfect any musical genre you throw at him, and can act out nearly anything. As a side note, we saw our only celebrity during the show; it was Martin Lawrence. Lawrence was in the crowd watching the show, and then volunteered for one of the acts.
    • Blue Man Group – These are the guys from Intel commercial. They are very unique. I didn’t really know what to expect coming in, but the show came as a nice surprise. The show builds until, by the end, it is like a crazy techno rave party, with all the audience going nuts. They’ve got plenty of unique intruments as well. This show is has a less universal appeal, but a more dedicated fan base than the other two shows mentioned above. If you’ll like the show, you will like it alot.
  2. Food – The food was incredible. If not for the quality, then for the sheer scale. The food was both plentiful, and of excellent quality. I was expecting mad greasiness, but it was fortunately not what I saw. We ate at the Bellagio Buffet, and had all other meals in the Mandalay Bay complex. There are many different restaurants, and you can find cuisine to fit your tastes.
  3. General Atmosphere – Obviously this is a big part of Vegas. One small thing that we noticed was that people were drinking on the street. In Vancouver, you’ll never see any alcohol on the street (although you will smell pot, and have the ability to buy heroin at any corner.) The whole town is over the top, and you really feel the magnitude of things when you walk the strip.
  4. Hotels – This relates to the atmosphere listed above. You can spend over 20 minutes walking from one end of a casino to the other end. They are monstrous. Some are beautiful (Belagio, Venetian), while some have a Chucky Cheese feel (Excaliber, Circus Circus). We were at the Mandalay Bay.
  5. Gambling – I’m not a gambler. I lost everything that I bet. Fortuantely, it was just $6. What is very interesting, however, is to see how big of an economic engine gambling is. You look at the monumental scale of the casinos and you can get a sense of how the town is run. Watching people trifle away what they’ve taken all year to earn is an inspiring experience – It makes me wonder how I can get in on the action :) .

That’s it for now, Enjoy the pics.