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Well, we all know the results now – the liberals have formed a minority government.

A quick question for all the informed voters out there- Why is it that political parties are either embrace economic freedom while limiting social freedom (Tories)- or have restrictive economic policies and liberal social policies (NDP)? (a third option is that they lie somewhere in between, going back and forth with each election – as do the liberals)

Happy Canada Day!

I’m not an anarchist, and I do believe that government does play an important regulatory role – but I believe that the government should play a smaller role both economically and socially. I don’t think there is a large government in the world that has shown they can even approach the efficiency of a market economy – you don’t need to look much further than the liberal scandals (or the provincial ndp scandals) to see how big government makes mistakes. The problem with these large governments is that no body is accountable – in a business, if people make mistakes like politicians have, they would be out on the street at best, or in jail at worst – instead, politicians can continue their careers with relative impunity.

Socially, I think it shouldn’t be the role of parliament to determine what adults do in their own privacy – It doesn’t makes sense to me why the political right can advocate lower taxes, and less government presence, while trying to get the whole country to abide by their own moral and social views. I think it’s pretty clear that the social stance of the conservatives is what cost them the election – most Canadians have bought in to the idea of separation between church and state, maybe the conservatives will figure it out for next election.

Obviously Canada, with its multiple parties has the opportunity to address this problem better than the bipartisan system of the US, but the problem of pushing new agendas is still a very difficult one.

With mention of multiple parties, I turn to the Green Party of Canada. The green party claims to be the party I’m looking for – but I’ve got some problems with the Greens as well. They have some interesting ideas, as you can tell from their website, but are not a viable alternative for me. There was no way possible that I could vote for the hippie that represented my riding (another problem I have is that they oppose GM foods – while I am a supporter :smile: ) – Is there anybody out there who voted for the Green party who is not a hippie? Are people getting fed up enough to turn towards the fringe groups?

I think multiple parties are a good thing, but this minority government might not be – already the NDP is making restrictive demands – and the jockeying of parties has just begun. The markets have not had much of a reaction – and the dollar has been relatively stable, but it should be interesting to see how things develop.