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I was talking with a friend last week, and he was considering education options. He’s currently in law school but is looking at a joint MBA/LLB.

Personally, I feel that getting an MBA makes sense if you approach it in one of two ways:

  1. Quick and Dirty – Let’s face it, the MBA does not provide that much differentiation in the market out there today. For some corporate jobs, having the MBA is necessary to boost your salary/band level, and it is relatively unimportant where it comes from. In these cases, getting an online or distance MBA makes the most sense. Essentially, what you are going after are the credentials – rather than the knowledge gained through academia.Although this approach doesn’t conform to plato’s idea of an education, with the increase in tech tools, and the greater number of online options, it isn’t neccessarily a cop-out to go this route.
  2. Go Elite – With all the MBA’s out there, going elite is the only way to stand out. If you can afford to make the sacrifice it takes, go to one of the top schools. In addition to the reputation the top schools bring, you will ensure that the people you study with will have the same qualities that got you there.Obviously, not everybody can get into a top school, but if you can’t – I dont think it is worth going to a middle of the road institution. There are alot more quality undergraduate schools than there are grad schools, and once you get out of the top 20, the quality of grad schools drops very quickly.

That’s my take on it anyways.