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Simran Gill » Blog Archive » Terrible New CFA Ads

ArticlesTerrible New CFA Ads

The CFA Institute has created some new ads, highlighting the difficulty of the achieving the designation. My favorite parts of the ads:

  • The Same cheesy pose is struck by both models
  • Writing encryption code for a global security network wouldn’t apply under the designation’s required work experience

CFA ad2 To a recruiter, nothing pops off the page like a CFA charter. One glance tells clients that your investment management skills are the gold standard of the industry. That you’ve mastered a three-level program whose coursework is unusually rigorous. And that your ethical standards are the highest possible. Isn’t it time you joined the thousands of CFA charterholders who are writing their own ticket?

CFA Ad1 It’s safe to say that the pursuit of a CFA charter is beyond challenging. The coursework involves a rigorous, three-level program that’s recognized as the gold standard in investment management. If you pass the exams, you’ll have the expertise to take real control of your professional career. That’s because CFA isn’t just something that follows your name. It’s something that builds a following.

See the original ads description and description (Both PDFs).

2 Responses to “Terrible New CFA Ads”

  1. jeff says:

    yes, pretty lame indeed…

  2. SLEW says:

    Do all CFA’s put their diploma/degree on the wall by the window in a frame while looking off into the distance? I’ve never seen your office Sim, but I’m assuming you don’t strike that pose very often… I could be wrong though.

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