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ArticlesCFA Exam Result Summary (Levels I, II, and III)

143186839_5c9fad13cd_m1Cross me off the list of Level III Candidates, my status is now CFA Candidate, Charter Pending. I got the results last night after waiting far too long for the CFA web servers to work.

I’ll provide a more complete Level III review in the future, but in the meantime, here is the history of my CFA Experience:

  • Level I
    • June 2004 – Passed (Pass rate: 32%)
    • Quit my job at the time and studied for 4-5 weeks straight. Committed <200 hrs. to studying, but felt very confident after the exam, and passed easily. Felt much of the material was seen during undergraduate finance degree. See my Level I review here
  • Level II
    • June 2005 – Passed (Pass rate: 56%)
    • Studied while at my current job, often in hotel rooms until late in the night. Obviously started studying earlier, and was forced to adopt a strict study schedule that I followed well. Committed ~250 hrs. to studying. Exam material was new, and was more difficult than Level I. Actual exam was very tough, and I left the exam room with low confidence – Was pleasantly surprised to find that I passed fairly comfortably. See my Level II review here.
  • Level III
    • June 2006 – Passed (Pass rate: 76%)
    • Maintained study schedule developed during level II. Committed ~ 300hrs. to studying; more time than either previous levels due to the strong desire to be finished with the exams. Material was by far the most interesting. Exam was considered relatively easy, and I left the exam with high confidence. Ended up passing easily as well.

What’s left now? I just have to complete my work requirements, submit my paper work, and I’ll soon be a CFA charterholder.

Congratulations to those who passed this year, and good luck to those still in the program. Feel free to browse around the site for more CFA material, or contact me below with any questions you have.

6 Responses to “CFA Exam Result Summary (Levels I, II, and III)”

  1. Lea says:

    Wow Simran congratulations! All your hard has paid off. Way to go! Time to celebrate!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Lea :) It was a big relief – I’ve got to do something big to celebrate

  3. Peeyush says:

    Congrats for your achievement. I am taking Level-3 in June-07. Which study material would you recommend – Schweser / Stalla or any other?

  4. Ananth says:

    Awesome…contrats on your achievement. I am thinking about joining the CFA course and i found your site very useful. Do you recomend, the materials from CFA institute or some other?

  5. swarag says:

    hi simran,

    congrats on clearing the exam. i am appearing for level 2 in june 2007. i have just started studying. Do you think that i have a chance of clearing the exam?

  6. samkith says:

    wao, congrats….

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