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ArticlesSan Diego Rundown – HIMSS 06


After far too long a delay, you can finally see the pictures that were taken during my trip to San Diego.

San Diego is an easy city to get around, with not too much traffic to worry about – people were friendly, and the weather was nice. Unfortunately, I didnt’ get much of a chance to hit the beach (it was dark by the time I left the conference everyday) – So I had to take a picture of the sand at night.

The conference had a great line-up of speakers focusing on all topics health care IT related. Some of the notable speakers included:

  • Mark R. WarnerEx-Governor/ Entrepreneur – Very animated, high-energy, -not what you would expect from a typical politician. Stressed the need for government to take an authoritative role in the deployment of health care IT. Mentioned his experiences with Telecom industry (he was founder of Nextel) and said that we would have been in the same position as ten years ago, had not the government stepped in.
  • Craig Barrett - ex-CEO of Intel – Came on stage with a whole collection of crazy gadgets. Barrett is a high impact speaker – Directly contradicted Mark Warner’s views on government intervention/stimulation. Says private sector needs to take initiative.
  • Dana CarveyComedian - Funny. recently had heart work done. Kept on turning up the heat on his material to see how far he could push it. One of the jokes that came during the end was: A mother find her young son reading S&M websites on the internet – she goes to her therapist and asks what to do – Therapist says, “There are a couple of options, but I’ll tell you what not to do – You sure as hell shouldn’t be spanking him” (
  • Tom RidgeFormer Secretary of Homeland Security- Didn’t see him speak – was busy elsewhere

The collection of select speaker presentations can be found here.

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